Rain on My Parade?

I hope you all didn’t let the passing of hurricane Joaquin cramp your style!  Even though the DC area got rained out all week, I couldn’t let that cease my plans!  A little rain usually makes us want to stay inside so we don’t get all wet and nasty.  However, to avoid that we just have to dress WITH the rain and not against it. The rain likes clothing that it can slide off easily and not get stuck in (yes, that was some serious personification lol).  For my Howard Homecoming weekend plans, I made sure I wore shirts and pants that could easily get ventilation through them so I wouldn’t start to feel nasty if the rain touched my clothes.  I also wore booties and, of course, had my handy dandy umbrella!  What rain style did you rock this past week?

IMG_7867IMG_7875 IMG_7876 IMG_7880

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