Take Advantage of Your You Time!

At work you may tend to lose interest as the day goes on (well, if you don’t have your dream job yet). Since I am at the point in which I need to entertain myself to keep sane, I make sure I fully unwind and recharge for the remainder of the day on my break time.  I prepared lunch the night before, packed a sheet that I rarely use, and went to a park nearby work for a picnic to enjoy the fresh air! After I finished eating, I laid back and watched the clouds move by and came back to work feeling like a new woman!  If you don’t have a park nearby, no worries.  I would suggest a grassy area that has little foot traffic so you can actually clear your mind.  We must not let work stress us out.  Take time out for yourself because you deserve it!  If not for you, do it for you health.  🙂

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