How to Look Stylish at Work

There’s nothing like looking stylish at work, however, it may seem so hard to do!  You should pair your basics with some additional accessories of your liking that will transform your outfit completely.

The key is to pair your work basics, like a black skirt with a piece that is unique and/or chic.  An example would be to swap out your plain work shirt with a ruffled shirt, or swap out your plain black skirt for a high-waisted, flared, or pleated black skirt.

IMG_7258This outfit gives a calm and business-like vibe.  The Earth-toned colors are perfect for the fall and for a subtle work environment.  I’ve matched up black high-waisted slacks, a black long-sleeve turtleneck, with a black bootie finish. Yes, it is a lot of black but this is what makes the vest and bag POP!


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