Trying New Things- Overalls!

Soooo in the past I have NEVER been able to rock overalls.  Recently I’ve decided to give them another try but this time I was not taking “no” for an answer because they are too cute for me not to be able to wear! I felt like I was missing out on the party! LOL I am proud to say that I have finally mastered how to rock overalls! 🎉

Here are the steps that I followed:

  • Choose overalls that fit your shape the way you like (this is the most tricky part)
  • Pair the overalls with a top that will make the overalls pop. In other words, make sure the shirt complements the overalls very well.
  • Make sure you FEEL pretty! For me, that is making sure my hair and make-up are done. 💁

IMG_1125 IMG_1109 IMG_1288IMG_1072IMG_1143IMG_1231IMG_1082

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