8 Sure-Fire Thrift Shopping Tips! 👛

Hey #HBHHTroop! I’ll let you guys in on a little secret… I AM ADDICTED TO THRIFT SHOPPING! 

Believe it or not, most of my favorite pieces come from the thrift store. You find the most unique AND basics pieces to dress them up… this is where you get those creative juices flowing.  My grandma started my addiction as a baby and I’ve been at it ever since!  If you don’t thrift shop the right way (yes, there is a right way) then you will most-likely leave frustrated and empty-handed. Here are a few tips to maximize your visit and look like a million bucks for maybe just 20 bucks.

(Here’s a thrift shopping trip my sisters and I went on together! 😎)

  1. BE PATIENT.  First and foremost, you must be patient when sifting through the clothes.  This process cannot be rushed, so you should go on a day that’s not so event-filled.
  2. IS IT WORTH IT? Look at how to care for the piece.  Ask yourself if you will actually take it to the cleaners, get it professionally cleaned, or hand wash it.  If not, then leave it because more than likely you will not wear it.
  3. DOES IT FIT COMFORTABLY? Yes, this seems obvious but there have been times when something was just a TAD bit too small and I say, “I will workout out just a little more to get into it,” and it never gets worn.  Months or even years later it ends up right where I got it from… the thrift store.
  4. PICTURE THE OUTFIT. Before you say no to a piece, picture what you could wear it with and how to dress it up.  This is the time you can try things you may not often wear, which is so exciting!  Try new things and explore your fashion range 😎
  5. THOROUGHLY EXAMINE. Be sure to examine the item to check for any damages like holes, or stains before purchasing.
  6. SIZES MAY FOOL YOU. The sizing, especially for high-waisted pants, may be off a little.  If you see something that looks like it will fit and then look at the tag to see it’s not your size, don’t be discouraged.  Still try it on! You will be pleasantly surprised how the sizes differ.
  7. TRY IT ON. Before going to the checkout line, try everything on to be sure that you like it because the garments on the hanger may look way different on. Trust me, it will cut down on the headache later.
  8. WASH/SANITIZE E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! I cannot emphasize this enough! Be sure to wash all the garments you get and sanitize anything that is not clothing.  Be careful not to damage anything when sanitizing.

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