Cute Undergarments Make for a Better Day

Some days are such a drag.  When I feel like crap, I find myself feeling more confident during the day when I wear my cute/sexy undergarments versus wearing “that time of the month” undergarments ( yes, I said it).  I learned this trick back in college when I started going on interviews for jobs and I would actually sweat because of how nervous I was! I researched ways to stop my nervousness and the one that stuck out to me was wearing sexy undergarments! It seemed a tad bit crazy at first but after thinking about it, I see why it would make me less nervous.  It would do so by boosting my confidence.  Now, this is something I apply to my everyday obstacles in life.  Confidence will help you conquer the day, rather than just survive it.

2016-01-27 09.46.40

Bras, Bralettes, and Thongs all from Victoria’s Secret

I would like to add that I do NOT spend a lot of money on undergarments, unless I just absolutely have to have it.  I bought all of these at a discounted price from Victoria’s Secret either during their Semi-Annual Sale (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) or from their other promotions.  If you shop there often and are responsible, I would recommend you get their Angel card (Victoria’s Secret credit card) because the points stack up, which will get you cute, free things…I know I love FREE! Lol keep in mind, just like any other department store credit card, you should pay it off right when you use it because those percentages will drive your bill up pretty fast (I always set a reminder in my phone to pay the bill to be sure I don’t forget).

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