The Valentine’s Day Date Dress Guide

Velentine's Day Dress Guide

Let’s face it, ladies. We all go through that frantic phase of what to wear for Valentine’s Day and what message your outfit will send to your date.  I’ve put together a guide to follow when getting ready for your Valentine’s Day date whether you are going out as just friends or going out as a married couple.

“Just Friends” Date: For this date, cover up as much as possible. When I say this, I don’t mean dress in a burlap sack.  Just don’t show too much cleavage, or wear anything too tight that would send the wrong message if you want to keep them in the friend zone.  Dress comfortable and cute.

First Date: This is just like the “just friends” date, however, you want to spruce it up a little.  Make it look more like a date outfit by making it sexy, but not TOO sexy.  As our grandmas once told us, “let them wonder.” Lol

Long Term Relationship/Married Couple Date: Well, since I am not married, I can only imagine that it would be the same as a long-term relationship date.  I would say this (along with your anniversary date night) would be the one time to show off for your significant other!  This is the time to get sassy and sexy, with your own limits, of course.

“Just hanging with the girls” Date: These seem to be very popular now! This outfit is more up to you.  This outfit should be the same as if you and your girls were having a girls night out, however, incorporate some pink and/or red to get into the festive spirit.

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