Work Attire for the Spring

For those that are still against thrift shopping, I would like for you to know that my entire outfit was thrifted with an exception of my shoes and accessories.  Here is another look for work as the weather warms up.  Of course at work I had a sweater all day on but after work it sure came off as I enjoyed the beautiful weather!  A simple top with any high waisted pant can make for a chic look for any occasion, especially at work. The accessories make the outfit.  I have on three necklaces (from top to bottom): the choker type necklace is from Aldo and I thought it was a must-have for my wardrobe. The two heart necklaces hold sentimental value to me.  The top heart necklace was a surprise gift from my baby sister that reads, “Big Sis” (sometimes we even surprise each other when we wear our matching “Big Sis” “Lil Sis” necklaces on the same day)! The bottom necklace was given to me as a promise necklace. 💖  I wear both of my heart necklaces whenever I get the chance.  The bracelet was thrifted; just one of the many unique jewelry finds while browsing my favorite store.


IMG_4560   Shoes: LolaShoetiqueIMG_4602



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