Didn’t She Already Wear That?!

This is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! ūüö®¬†Contrary to popular belief, everyone will survive if you take and post a picture “fashion repeat offending” (wearing the same piece of clothing). ¬†All of the fashion industry¬†may have gasped for air as they read that last sentence. ¬†Yes, I said it. ¬†Back in my older days I would NEVER be caught posing in the same shirt, skirt, pants, dress, whatever that I had on in a previously posted picture (even if it was a year ago). I was/am the type of person that loves to take pictures so this meant either take less pictures or buy more clothes. ¬†Buying more clothes was a plus for me but at the rate I was going with fashion blogging, I came¬†to my senses and realized that it is okay to wear the same garment¬†only if worn in a different manner!¬† This is very important because when your followers/audience see the same thing over and over styled the same, they will become bored… I mean, wouldn’t you?! Unfortunately, you will lose their interest and attention,¬†so be sure to get creative.

Here is an example of an outfit that I put together with the same shirt from¬†“Denim Love”¬†and the same pants from “Blazer Love”¬†that give a completely different look:
IMG_4787 IMG_4833


Shoes: Lola Shoetique

Here’s another example of the same pants in two of my posts that are worn differently:¬†“Super Size Me- Oversized Sweater”¬†and¬†“Pop of Color.”

Now, just because it is okay to do, does not mean that you should strive for wearing the same clothes over and over. ¬†I just want to put an end to the crazy myth that you will be shunned from all of the fashion world if you are caught wearing the same shirt twice in a picture. ¬†Okay, I’m exaggerating but you get the gist.

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