The Penny Pants

Hey guys! I went shopping this weekend at Nordstroms rack and ended up coming out with some CA-RAY-ZEE deals!! I go every once in a while to bargain hunt and usually find super cute items for as low as $20.  I tried on these pants particularly because they were only about $12 and they felt so comfortable. I was also intrigued by the crossover in the front. I go up to the register after trying everything on and I expect to pay $11.70 plus tax for the pants.  She rings them up and they are… DRUMROLL PLEASE… A PENNY! Yes, $0.01!  I was in disbelief and the cashier says, “Yes, we were just going through some markdowns.”  This was all I could talk about for an entire hour! I could not believe that a company would sell pants originally $78 for only a penny! I have attached the price tag and receipt below.  You’ll see I got some other great deals too but these pants blew my mind. I just wanted to remind everyone that you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to look nice and well put-together because there are deals everywhere! You just have to look. 😉

IMG_0258 IMG_0261imageimage

Shoes: Lola Shoetiqueimage

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