Whose Room Does the Baby Get?

In our home, my boyfriend and I share a bedroom and then we each have an extra room for our passions.  He has a music room and I have a sewing/fashion room. Once we found out we would be bringing a life into world, the question that came up was, “whose recreational room will the baby get?”  First, we thought we were going to play rock, paper, scissors… sudden death! No best out of 3, which made the stakes very high.  So let me set the scene for you. Imagine one of those old western movies when they are about to duel it out on the dirt road while the sun is blazing.  duel

Instead, it would be me in front of my room and him in front of his.  Before we got to the rock,  paper, scissors match I decided to let our baby take over my room since it’s closer to our bedroom.  No, it wasn’t because I was afraid too lose.  However, I feel like I still won because my boyfriend is so thoughtful.  He offered to move his music room down to the basement so I can still have my sewing/fashion room upstairs!  Now let the baby room setup begin! Can you tell I’m super excited?! 😁

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