Sweater Dress & Tennis Shoes Combo

During my pregnancy (well, even before I was pregnant), I am extra big on making sure the clothes I wear are comfortable.  Actually, if I’m not comfortable, like if something is too tight, I get sick… literally… like running to the bathroom after I’ve been in it for an hour or so.  This sweater dress is so stretchy and soft that I could practically live in it!  I got it bargain hunting while visiting my grandma in Georgia from a store called “Citi Trendz” for *DRUMROLL PLEASE* $3 at the beginning of the summer!  I saw the price tag and said, “I don’t care how hot it is outside, I HAVE to get it now!” And here I am now, not knowing it would come in handy for the unexpected blessing we now have! BTW, I love how it accentuates my belly. The shoes finish off the comfortable, yet stylish look for the day, in which I got from Asos.  I usually never wear tennis shoes with dresses, but I like it! I wanted to be comfortable so I just went for it.  Some women are coordinated enough to wear heels while pregnant but I am so clumsy, so I’m going to stick to the most comfortable flats I can find. I see this pregnancy will push me to explore different styles, which will be good for me. I’m ready for the challenge!

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