Pink Blush Maternity Clothing- My New Love!

Since I’ve been pregnant, it’s been hard to find places that specifically offer CUTE maternity clothes.  Yes, there are plenty of stores that have maternity clothes, but let’s face it… They are full of the typical conservative, boring, dull-colored clothes. 🙄  I never thought that it would be this hard to find decent clothes during one of the most beautiful times in my life! I’ve just recently came across Pink Blush and INSTANTLY fell in love, so I had to share with you guys! I can finally look cute during my pregnancy without the tricks to my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Lol I love this blue dress specifically because of the color and the funky hemlines. 😎  The hemlines topped off the soft feel for this look that I was going for the day.  Not only am I in love with the clothes, I also received my maternity dress super fast (just in time for my gender reveal party) and it is SUPER comfortable! I will DEFINITELY be shopping here more often during my pregnancy and my friends and family will have super cute maternity clothes to wear when their time comes (you’re welcome in advance, ladies. Lol) Shop Pink, you have one satisfied customer! Thank you for making me feel fashionable again during pregnancy without being uncomfortable! 🎉


Dress: Pink Blush

Shoes: ASOS
img_1092 img_1094

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