Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are the most fun and family/friend inclusive way to find out if you’re baby is a girl or boy.  Gathering everyone together to reveal the gender of the newest member of the family allows them to feel connected to the baby… AND they are super fun! I had so much fun decorating the house with my hubby and best friend the night before; we made it into a party in itself! Lol most of the decorations were from Party City and the rest was ordered from Amazon. The first thing I ordered from Amazon was the photobooth props that are taped to the wall and the two in the jar on the white table that read, “What Will it Be…” and “Boy-or-Girl?” (see pictures below).  The photobooth props were a GREAT way to get the guests involved and they made great for selfies! Also ordered from Amazon were the “Team Boy” and “Team Girl” glasses (they were at party city too, just cheaper on Amazon).  The last things ordered from Amazon were the little stickers on the bottom of the Hershey Kisses, which I thought were ADORABLE! Yes, it took time to put on the bottom of each piece, but it was a great addition to the decorations AND a great treat!


This table was right at the front door, so when guests came in, they wrote their name on a piece of paper, folded it up, and dropped it in the jar that matched what the baby would be.  After we announced what the baby was, we picked a name out of the winning jar and that person won an adult coloring book (who wouldn’t love that?!).



Within this piñata, there was either blue or pink candy.  I guess you’re wondering how my boyfriend and I didn’t know the sex of the baby either, huh?  Well, we went to the doctor and let her know that we wanted her not to tell us, but instead, we wanted her to write it down on a piece of paper that we had within an envelope.  She also put a picture of how she knew the gender in the envelope at the end of the visit. We then brought the envelope to someone at work, along with both blue and pink candy sorted out and had the co-worker go to a private place to stuff the piñata with the appropriate color and hide the other color candy.


Boy photo booth props

img_1102Girl photo booth props

I’ll be posting soon to let you all know whether we are having a baby boy or girl! What do you think it is?!

2 comments on “Gender Reveal Party”

  1. NICOLE says:

    I believe it’s going to be a girl what a great idea to do for a friend of mines who is still undecided. I love the Hershey kiss idea.

    1. Bree says:

      Yes, at first I didn’t want to throw one but I am so happy we had the party! It just filled the room with so much love and made the experience so much better. Yes! Pinterest has some good ideas for a gender reveal party too!

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