Show Off That Pregnant Belly!

Being pregnant, my best feature is my big belly bump and I show it off whenever I get the chance to.  It’s so fun to dress up various shapes and sizes and with my baby boy constantly growing inside of me, I get to try different things in a short amount of time.

This outfit I’ve paired a BRIGHT blue skirt with a red and blue shirt.  This entire outfit are both pre-pregnancy clothes.  The shirt, of course, doesn’t cover my entire stomach but that doesn’t matter because of the high-waisted look for this shirt.

Don’t be discouraged mama-to-be’s if you can’t seem to find anything cute to wear.  Get a little creative with the clothes already in your closet to see what will stretch so you can show off that new pregnant figure! Have fun with it while you can because it’ll be gone before you know it.


Shirt and skirt: Thrifted

Booties: ASOS


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