Gold Glitter Booties

When putting together an outfit I usually have one thing that I definitely want and then I base everything around it.  Today, I wanted to wear my new booties that I ordered from ASOS! I felt this dress would go nicely with it since it was loose and flowy.  I loved the contrast of the fit of the dress and the fit of shoes. The green cover-up is actually a dress, however, I used it as a blazer since I cannot close it while pregnant.  This goes back to the tip I gave in a previous post of getting creative with what you have in your closet. I wanted something to bring out the olive green in my dress so when browsing my closet, I thought “this is it!”

Dress: Thrifted: Tag says Zara

Dress used as blazer: Thrifted: Tag says Liz Claiborne

Booties: ASOS

Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics- Ablaze


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