Breanna Marie

Hey guys! I’m Breanna Marie and I founded this fashion blog, “Heartbeats & High Heels,” in September 2015. Four years later and I’ve turned my passion for helping others feel confident and fashion into a Personal Styling business, which was founded in 2018. I see fashion as an outlet to express how one feels; it tells a beautiful story about who you are. The colors, the patterns, the various shapes… to see a unique style is to see the gold at the end of the rainbow!

I created this to blog as a getaway from the hectic world and document the many pleasures in life to always remember. I aspire to help others be confident and expressive within their own skin and live life to the fullest!

Hang out with me at the following links:

Instagram at @heartbeatsxhighheels

Facebook at http://facebook.com/HeartbeatsxHighHeels


Breanna Marie ♥